Babyboomers who are Seniors have just been ousted as our largest global demographic, the Millennials have finally surpassed. Baby boomers are the most talked about generation in the country. At approximately 77 million people, they’re also the largest (“Millennials” are a close second). Born between the years of 1946 and 1964, this post-World War II generation is now between the ages of 51 and 70.

A generation as large as the boomers is always going to have a profound impact on the world.
Here are 10 facts we bet you didn’t know about baby boomers:

  • They’re Online – and in Great Numbers
  • They’re Turning 65
  • They’re Increasingly Foreign Born
  • They’re Thrifty
  • They’re Prone to Hepatitis C
  • More Boomers Live in Maine than Any Other State
  • They’re Highly Educated
  • The Past Three Presidents are/were Boomers
  • They’re Supporting their Adult Children
  • They’re Not the Stereotypical “Senior Citizens.”

Many boomers are still quite active and energetic. For instance, Jerry Seinfeld (born in 1954), Stevie Nicks (born in 1948) and George Clooney (born in 1961) are all boomers.

Just because the boomer population is aging doesn’t mean they’re necessarily slowing down. Baby boomers are expected to heavily influence the entire world for decades to come.

The consumer generation, are now and have always been, the consumption generation; filled with wanting of things and a desire to be the best, have the best and want the best. The baby boomer generation, moving into senior citizenship, requires extra fun, extra travel, and extra money! The end of an era of prosperity belongs to them!

With a steady growth in the senior population, and most caregiver adult children living in different towns from their parents, it can be difficult to locate local services and get the information that is necessary to smooth out the necessary transformations that are often required.

Our Mission here at Transitions NEWS is twofold:

Provide seniors and caregiver adult children with the tools and resources to manage many of the senior specific circumstances that naturally arise.

Help local businesses connect seniors and adult caregiver children. Transitions NEWS provides very reasonable services to get local business information out to the more than 70% of adult caregiver children.